Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Burlington Music Scene

Last semester, I made a list of my goals that I wanted to accomplish. One of my goals was to explore Burlington and the rest of the area. Whenever I hear the word Burlington, I immediately think of Church Street. Well, I took enough trips my freshmen year on the city bus (which is free with your student ID!) down to Church Street, so I wanted to see what else there is to Burlington other than Church Street. To begin this process, I looked for things around the area that would interest me. Music is a strong interest of mine, so I looked to see who was playing at Higher Ground. For those who don't know, Higher Ground is in South Burlington, which is about ten minutes from the campus. I went last Thursday to Higher Ground to see Switchfoot in concert. Also, for my birthday weekend, my parents and I went to the Grand Point North Festival to see Grace Potter and the Nocturnals. Below is a clip from the performance:
  I wanted to stray away from life outside of Church Street, but there are always entertaining acts on Church Street. For example, below is a guy playing the Didgeridoo

Also, speaking of music, Brendan and I are back on the radio on Fridays 5-8PM. You can listen to us here.

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