Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Internships and Information: Why I Love My SMC E-mail

I usually have an abundance of e-mails every day. Most e-mails are about classes, events around campus, and job opportunities around the area. It's a little bit overwhelming receiving so many e-mails, but if you take the time to read through each one, you might come across some information that you might not have ever known. For instance, I may not have known that chicken patties were on the Grill on Friday if it weren't for the weekly Weekend Events e-mail. Another instance is that I would have never known about a Web Marketing Position at Burzt Tv if I never opened an e-mail from the Career Development Office. The Career Development Office is great at sending out e-mails about nearby internship and job opportunities. As a Digital Arts, Media Studies, and Journalism major, I am particularly interested in Social Media Marketing. When I read over the job description for the Web Marketing Intern position, I immediately knew that this was a internship I wanted to apply for. After the phone interview, I received an e-mail saying that I got the position! I couldn't be more thrilled to start working for Burzt TV, and to start gaining more knowledge in my major. So, important lesson learned throughout this whole entire process.. it's important to read through every e-mail because something might just catch your eye. Check out Burzt TV and keep checking up on my blog to hear updates about my internship!

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