Sunday, April 22, 2012

Family Weekend

my brother, my dad, myself, and my mom

 This weekend, my family, along with other families, were invited for Family Weekend. There were a lot of events that were going around campus such as the showing of the play APPetite, which my friend Brendan is in, and other musical performances. Since my family arrived a little bit later Friday night, I went to see APPetite with some of my friends and it was awesome! It was a play about how technology is playing a huge role in our society, which I realized is a pretty repetitive theme that I've learned in my media classes. It was cool to see a spin on it that was not only honest, but really funny. My family lived at Church Street for both Friday and Saturday as we went to Sweetwaters on Friday night (never disappoints) and enjoyed the rest of the scenery on Church Street since there were a lot of late night performing acts going on including a guy balancing on a bunch of chairs stacked up pretty high.

Church Street late at night!

my brother's girlfriend, my brother, and me
Morgan, me, and Tan Wai

            On Saturday, my parents, my brother and his girlfriend, and me and my two friends, Morgan and Tan Wai, went back to Church Street to eat at Ken's Pizza and Pub. Then, we all went to Pure Pop Records, a music store right near the Roxy movie theater (where I usually live at since I love going to the movies). At Pure Pop Records, it was Record Store Day, which meant that everything in the store including CDs, records, DVDs, and posters were on sale.

All these CDs were for free!
The three day weekend flew by, but it ended on a really good note since me, my dad, Brendan, and his dad did our radio show today. Both of our dad's have been avid listeners since the first semester, so they came even more prepared than me and Brendan since they made their own playlists for the show.
Getting ready before the show

father/daughter and father/son bonding during the show

It's crazy how freshmen year is almost over. Just P-Day, Finals, and then summer! Stay tuned to my post coming up about P-Day, which from what I've heard, is a pretty good time.

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