Monday, April 22, 2013


When I was looking at colleges, I didn't realize all of the things that I had to consider. I had to think about the location and the curriculum, but most importantly, I had to see what I wanted and what felt right. I endlessly researched college websites, but what really meant the most to me was the tour. I was able to see the campus and get a feel for what it would be like to be a student there.

The websites provided me with the facts, but my tour guide told their personal experiences with students and faculty. At Saint Mike's, I heard about how students connect with their teachers and other students, meet people through clubs and sports, make funny phrases in the word garden, go rock climbing inside the sports center, study abroad in unique locations, participate in community service, and of course, start the famous cup drop in Alliot. As I was listening about all of these awesome opportunities and walking around the beautiful campus, St Mike's started to feel like the right place for me. I ended up visiting St. Mike's twice because I was still considering other options, but I have to say that immediate vibe you feel when you're on a particular campus isn't one to ignore. It's usually telling you something good. The second visit was when I decided to officially commit to St. Mike's.

I think about how awesome it is being a tour guide and being on the other side of things now.  I love helping out prospective students and seeing them feel the same way I did when I got on campus.
Me, Alex, and Mike excited to give a tour on Accepted Students Day!

I know it's quite crazy to think about tour colleges and making the final decision about where to go. The deadline is approaching quickly for the upcoming class of 2017, so I wish all seniors the best of luck with their decisions!

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