Saturday, May 11, 2013

Top Memories from Sophomore Year

To me, it still feels like high school graduation was just yesterday. To think that two years have already gone by goes to show that the saying, "time flies by when you're having fun," is pretty true. I have been having a blast these past two years at Saint Mike's. I've had great professors and great friends along the way who have made this experience so amazing and special. Below are some of the stand out memories that made sophomore year another spectacular year!

  • Radio show with Brendan. Around the second week of freshmen year, Brendan asked me if I wanted to co-host a radio show with him. With no prior experience of DJing, I said yes because I figured it would be a good start to getting involved on campus and a fun thing to do with one of my first college friends. Brendan and I have been doing a radio show ever since the first semester of freshmen year. From Lazy Sunday to Crazy Sunday, we've sure had some good times trying to be funny on air and having a fun time behind the scenes with our friends who stop by. 
A typical day at the station
  •  Macklemore concert. This year, the Secretaries of Programming were able to get Macklemore for our spring concert. I was really stoked about this because I'm a big fan of his music and I was always unable to go to his concerts in Burlington. Finally, I was able to see him live! He had a ton of energy and made sure to always keep the audience engaged. He also made a special shout out to a student at SMC who was recently diagnosed with leukemia. It showed how much of a stand up guy he really is and just reminded me more why I like him and his music. After the concert, the Student Association got to meet Macklemore and Ryan Lewis since we helped set up the stage for the concert!

  • Talent Show. Following the Macklemore concert, the MLK Society hosted their annual talent show, where all students are encouraged to try out and show off their abilities. For the first time, I was actually in a skit in the show. For those regular Jimmy Fallon watchers, you'll probably understand it, but if you're not one, watch the original version here and watch our own rendition of it below!
  • Beating our odds of the lottery system and getting to live in Ethan Allen. I have to admit that I was pretty worried about housing while we were waiting in the lottery line. All of those worries went away when me and three other roommates got one of the last apartments in Ethan Allen on North Campus. I'm looking forward to living with all of them next year! 
the lovely Ethan Allen crew

  • Going to Montreal. I put "Go to Montreal" on my SMC Bucket list the summer before my freshmen year. I figured since Montreal is only 90 minutes away that it should be something that I should take advantage of while I'm at school. My three friends, who I've been friends with since freshmen year, decided to go to Montreal when we had a three day weekend. 
All of us before we were going out to explore Montreal

  • Living in a suite with some great people. It was a unique living situation for me this year. My friend Lhanzi and I decided to live in Ambassador Housing where we lived with other students from around the world. Me, Lhanzi, and Suyeon were the three that were there all year. We went through a series of different roommates: Barbara, Ami, Nikole, and Jinhee. We also had our friend, Sierra, move in our suite second semester and Jenna, a transfer student from UVM. It was different having roommates come in and out, but it was interesting learning about other cultures. I definitely loved living in Ambassador Housing and I'm going to miss it a lot.

    Jenna, Ami, Lhanzi, Suyeon, Nikole, Sierra, and myself

Suyeon, Sierra, Lhanzi, and myself

Me, Lhanzi, and Barbara with Brendan and Adam photobombing the picture
  • Bonding more with MJD majors. This year, I took the most challenging, yet most interesting course in my major: Global Communications. We were required to learn the world map, research about particular topics, and create two websites. With all of the website work, most of the people in our class worked in Bergeron, the Journalism Department building. It was one of those things when the moment I walked into Bergeron, I was surrounded by familiar faces who were all going through the same project as I was. It was great to have these familiar faces around for hanging around and goofing off when we were all sick of looking at Dreamweaver code all day. 
  • Starting Her Campus SMCVT. Her Campus SMCVT is an online magazine that Alex and I started up earlier this year. Things were pretty successful this year and I'm hoping things continue to get even better. I'm so excited that we started this up together and have such an amazing staff of committed writers. 
the Her Campus staff
Thanks for reading and stay tuned throughout the summer while I post about my internship with the Lowell Spinners!