Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Last Friday Knight

Last Friday night, I did not dance on table tops like Katy Perry talks about in her hit song. Instead, the only thing I was standing on was a small platform in the Alliot lobby. This small platform was in Alliot because there was an open night mic, which was one of the many events of Friday Knight Dry. Typically, the only places you'll hear me singing are either in my car or in the shower, but my friend Tan Wai and I decided to go out on a limb and perform at the Open Mic. Tan Wai taught himself guitar over the summer, and me, well, I'm no singer, but I thought it would be a fun spontaneous thing to do. Without any practice as a duo, we performed Wake Me Up When September Ends and Wonderwall with the help from our friends, Lauren and Lizzy.

all of us singing

After our performance, the night continued on with other lively events including raffles with great prizes and performances from the three on campus singing groups (Acabellas, Sleepless Knights, and Mike Check)

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