Friday, August 26, 2011

Glimpse of Orientation

Packing ended up being a crazy, last minute process, so to make up for not posting any packing pictures, I thought I would show you guys some pictures from my hectic move-in day. But first, I want to tell you what it's like when you arrive at Saint Mike's for move-in day. There's a group of orientation leaders with signs in their hands, chanting your name (after asking what it is) and blowing whistles non-stop. The energy from the leaders is welcoming and comforting. After arriving, you pick up your key for your room, and begin the move-in process. A bonus is that the orientation leaders help you carry in your stuff, which I give them major props for. I'm living on the fourth floor of Ryan (by clicking on this, it gives you a virtual tour of the dorm rooms and a view from the outside of Ryan). Like the other dorm buildings, Ryan doesn't have elevators, so going up and down four flights of stairs repetitively was exhausting enough. After hours of lifting and unpacking stuff, this was the final result to mine and my roommate's (Jaycie) room!
Jaycie's side of the room

My side of the room (with me lounging on the bed, after a long day)
 Move-in day doesn't stop after you move in. The rest of the day consisted of ice breakers with your orientation group, a mandatory convocation held at the Chapel, a class of 2015 photoshoot, floor meetings with RA and floormates (includes pizza delivery from your RA!), and a fun for all hosted by the orientation leaders. The fun for all was full of more whistling, orientation leaders dressed up in crazy costumes, and some more icebreakers that our whole class was involved with. Overall, it was pure madness the first day. All of the events are set up to make you feel comfortable and to make you more familiar with the people you'll be spending the next four years with. It's been awesome so far, and tonight's the orientation dance that is supposed to be the best part of this weekend. I can't wait for it!

I'll be sure to post more on the rest of how orientation went and how my classes are, since classes start Monday!

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