Sunday, November 10, 2013

What Community Means to Me

Before committing to Saint Mike's, I toured it twice to make sure it was the school for me. On both of my tours, two different tour guides tossed around the word "community" a lot. They said that community was their favorite part about Saint Mike's and it was a big reason why they chose Saint Mike's.

It's one thing to hear about a strong community, but to be a part of it is indescribable. I don't think I really understood the true definition of community until I came to Saint Mike's. I see everyone everywhere making connections with other students, professors, and other employees of the school. People are on a first name basis with the dining hall workers and the shuttle drivers, and they even try to remember your name, too. People hold the doors for each other, even when the other person is a mile away. The small things mean the most.  

Last year, I went on LEAP, a religious retreat hosted by Campus Ministry. On the retreat, the word "community" was once again brought up, and I thought about Saint Mike's as a whole and how it is has this awesome community, but my whole definition of community changed when someone brought up how you make your own communities everywhere you go. Think about it. You have your Religious Studies class community, your on-campus club community, your sports team community.. the list goes on.

It's great to know you have these smaller communities within the big supportive community of the campus. I'm going abroad next semester and this has brought on a lot of emotions of being nervous, excited, and scared. One thing for certain is that I know that with a strong community like Saint Mike's, I know that all of the communities I'm a part of right now are going to be there for me when I come back.
MJD community

Her Campus

Ryan Hall community

Orientation group/ First year seminar group

Tour guiding

LEAP community

Ethan Allen

Student Association

Pontigny Hall

Orientation Leader community