Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Pizza Putt

So, I'm writing this blog post from my comfy bed since yesterday was the start of Thanksgiving break! It feels good to be back home to see my friends and family. Also, as much as I love school so far, the break is very much needed since the coursework started to pick up quite a bit during the last two weeks before break. Instead of stressing out about all of the work, my friends and I took a different approach and decided to have some fun at Pizza Putt, which is about a ten minute walk from campus. I had so much fun at Pizza Putt that I figured it deserved its very own post about it.

I was first introduced to Pizza Putt when I came up last Spring to stay with my friend's sister who is currently a senior now at Saint Mike's. Pizza Putt was having a special discounted night for students, so we all went there to jump on the opportunity. Pizza Putt definitely has pizza and it has mini golf, but it also has bowling, laser tag, arcade games, bumper cars, and batting cages! Check out some pictures below!
Bumpin' cars

The bowling alley

Part of the arcade area.
Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Monday, November 14, 2011


It's beginning to get around the start of skiing and snowboarding season. Smuggs passes have been selling for the past two weeks at only 30 dollars here, making everyone around campus excited for the season to begin.  To give the excited skiiers and snowboarders a chance to start early, the Ski and Snowboard Club hosted an event on Friday night called Jibfest. At Jibfest, the Ski and Snowboard Club brings in snow, builds ramps, and brings in rails to have students here show off their skills.

Here's a clip from it:

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Friday, November 11, 2011


This morning, I woke up bright and early to register for classes. Well, maybe not that early, but sleeping past 9am on most weekdays makes 6:45am feel really early. Anyways with 15 minutes before registration, I was thinking about all of the tips I heard from my friends who had already registered on Knightvision:
  • Keep active on Knightvision, even if you aren't registering. Knightvision signs you out pretty quickly, so it's good to refresh the page or click on classes so you don't get signed out during registration.
  •  Just because registration is open from 7am-3pm doesn't mean that you should wait until later. The earlier you register, the better of a chance you have to get into your classes, which brings me to the next tip...
  • Hit the submit button to register exactly at 7am.  I honestly thought my friends were over-exaggerating when they told me this, but doing it even one minute after 7 makes a huge difference. Me and my friend Brendan were both registering together, and at 7, both of our computers froze right before we were about to hit submit. We immediately started freaking out as we were anxiously waiting for the computer to unfreeze. Luckily, a couple of minutes later the computer unfroze, but at that point, three of our classes already filled up. I got into Drawing I: Observation (W 2:15-5:15). Originally my three other classes were Digital Media (Tues, Thurs,1:10-2:40), Intro to Philosophy (M,W,F 11:00-12:00),  and Second Semester French (M,W, F 12:10-1:10). Just in case this happens, it's always important to...
  • Make an alternative schedule. The spots fill up quickly for classes, which causes registration to be a little bit competitive. Making an alternative schedule that is satisfying for yourself and is also fulfilling your major/minor requirements and other requirements is the best way to go. 
So, after a little malfunction with registration, I still got into Digital Media and Second Semester French, but just at different time slots than I was expecting. Here's my final schedule:

Monday, Wednesday, Friday
Second Semester French (8:40-9:40)
This course follows FR 101 and continues the development of students' basic language skills in all areas. Some course material will be based on French and Francophone culture.
Elementary Statistics (9:50-10:50) 
Description of sample data; probability distributions including the Normal distribution; correlation and regression; sampling; hypothesis testing; statistical inference; other topics may include Chi-square tests, multiple regression, and ANOVA.
Wednesday only: Drawing I: Observation (2:15-5:15)
Students will develop skills in mark making, formal visual principles, and abstract thought through assignments that survey different approaches to Drawing.
Tuesdays & Thursdays
Digital Media (9:50-11:20)
Students are introduced to new technologies used to create digital art and develop basic proficiencies in digital imaging (Adobe Photoshop), digital illustration and animation (Adobe Illustrator), and web design (Adobe Dreamweaver). Students are introduced to the critical examination of the digital revolution, including issues connected to privacy, consumerism, artistic/creative expression, media ownership, multitasking, and mediated representations of reality.

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Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Hope everyone had an awesome Halloween yesterday!

I know I sure did, especially since I technically celebrated Halloween three nights in a row (Friday, Saturday, and Monday). Some people even started early and dressed up Thursday through Monday! Luckily, I didn't have to do any last minute costume shopping since I got my costumes over the long weekend when I went home.

Friday night, Nicki Minaj. Saturday night, Native American.

Here are some other costumes that my friends dressed up in:
Morgan, Sarah, Morgan, and Dylan as lifeguards.
Camden, Logan, Nick, and Sam in togas
Tan Wai as Lieutenant Dangle from Reno 911
Brendan as a zombie.
On actual Halloween night, I "accidentally" saw Paranormal Activity 3. When I say accidentally, I mean I forgot that for my Media Rev class that I wasn't supposed to watch any type of video for a week. Well, oops I messed up with that assignment, but fortunately, I was able to watch a good scary movie on Halloween. Overall, halloweekend = major success!

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