Sunday, March 25, 2012

Weekend Festivities

With this week being surprisingly so nice outside (as shown above as people are laying out on the grass), it was a bummer that it got so cold out again this weekend. Okay, maybe not THAT cold but  after a week of temperatures reaching the high 80s, the 50 degree weather this weekend seemed pretty cold.  Besides the weather being a little bit chillier than usual, there was a lot going on this weekend.

On Friday, the three singing groups, Acabellas (which blogger Gabbi is in), Sleepless Knights, and MikeCheck performed in the courtyard. They sang a lot of popular songs like King of Anything by Sara Bareilles, Fix You by Coldplay, and awesome mashups of some Michael Jackson songs.

Then before seeing the spring concert which was last night, I went with my friends to see The Hunger Games. Note to self: There are a lot of dedicated Hunger Games fans, which I don't think I can call myself yet since I've only read the first book in the series.We got there thirty minutes before the movie started and there was still a huge line!
Line outside of the Roxy Theater in Burlington

Then, later last night, we had our spring concert and the musical guest was Jay Sean with his opening acts Jason Es, who a student at UVM, and J-Boog. Student Association made the concert free to all students, so it was awesome! Unfortunately, I missed the openers, but here are some songs by them.

and here's some of Jay Sean from last night:

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