Monday, March 26, 2012

The Ultimate Technology Fast Part 1

A couple weeks ago, my teacher for Digital Media told our class how there was an extra credit assignment coming up about how we had to go a week without using Twitter, Facebook, our cell phone, and our student e-mail. Earlier this year, I had to go a day without any technology (computer could be used for school purposes) and I also had to go without my cell phone for a week. I talk about my day without technology here. I think after doing both of those technology fasts, I feel confident that I can do this one, but there is definitely a lot more to give up on this one for this week. Here are some of my thoughts on each of the things I have to give up:

No Twitter. Twitter is just the perfect place to say whatever is on my mind whether it's a song lyric that I think is catchy, a complaint about how it's Monday and I already want the week to be over, or even if it's a good thing like how I finally finished all of my homework. I think these could all be things I could express in other ways either to people or on paper, so I am thinking that this could be the easiest thing to give up.

No Cell Phone. Hands down, this will be the hardest technology to give up for the week. My parents always tell me that I am glued to my phone and it's something that I rely on too much, which I'm beginning to think is true. I use my phone for calling, texting, the Internet, an alarm clock, a calendar, and a calculator in my statistics class. This week, I am going to have to get used to using an actual calculator, using my alarm clock, and relying on post-it notes to remind me of certain events.

No Facebook. This is really only going to be a struggle with talking to my friends from home since I mainly use Facebook for that reason. Also, Facebook is just one of those sites that you always kind of end up on and you don't really understand how you even got there in the first place. So, I'm afraid that I could potentially happen, but I might consider having people change my passwords for the week.

No Student E-mail. With the amount of e-mails we receive from programs and teachers, this one is concerning me a lot. I rely on e-mail to get information about my classes and about events going on in the school.

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