Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Housing Options for Sophomores

Last Friday, students received their lottery number next year for housing. The numbers are assigned randomly. Basically, the better number you get, the better options you have for housing next year. It's good because if you don't get that good of a number and the person you are rooming with does, then they take the better number out of the two.

For sophomores, here are the options for housing:

Founder's Hall, located near the academic buildings, has single and double rooms.

Alumni Hall, which is part of the Quad that is also with Ryan Hall, Joyce Hall, and Lyons Hall. It's open to sophomores and juniors with double rooms and some single rooms.
In order from left to right: Hamel Hall, Purtil Hall, and Linnehan Hall. All three of these buildings to live at are located on North Campus, which is a mile north from the main campus. A plus about living in these buildings is that there are kitchens and lounges. It's also pretty easy to get to North Campus and back to main campus by the shuttles that run every fifteen minutes.
Then, there's also a chance for sophomores to apply for suites. Usually, you have a better chance at getting a suite if you are in GREAT housing or Honors housing, but it never hurts to try and go for one. I was pretty fortunate because me and my friend Lhanzi (who is currently rooming with my friend and fellow blogger, Alex) did not have to go through the lottery system this year. We applied to Ambassador Housing and we found out earlier last week that we got it! We will be living in a four person suite with two international students next year in Pontigny Hall. Here's what all three suites look like:

Cashman, Pontigny, and Canterbury Hall.  All suites include a common room that comes with couches, tables, and chairs, individual bedrooms, a shared bathroom, and a refrigerator. 

For first-year housing options, you can find information about that here.

Look forward to my next post about how my spring break was!

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