Friday, February 3, 2012

Unexpected Travels

Being sick is never really fun, especially in college. You miss classes, extracurricular activities, and school events. Luckily, professors are completely understanding when you can't make it to class, even when you give them a short notice about being sick. That is something that I learned this week from having to go home suddenly since I wasn't feeling well. To make my unexpected travels sound a little bit more exciting, I like to put it that in the past two days (Wednesday and Thursday), I went to three different states ( my home state New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Vermont.)

Here's how my two days went and what I learned about leaving school during the middle of the week:

  •  Calling a taxi to go to the Burlington Airport, where my bus was leaving from.To be safe, always call the taxi company at least 30 minutes in advance to make sure they arrive on time. 
  • Taking the Greyhound bus to Manchester, NH.  When taking a bus, it is important to have your confirmation/reservation number and/or ticket to make sure you can get on the bus. Also, most Greyhound buses offer Wi-Fi. The Wi-Fi definitely made it easier for me to do homework for classes that I was missing.
  • Hanging out with the family. When I finally got home, it was awesome to see my family and hang out with them.  It was also just good to get some chill time to kick it back and watch TV and movies.


  • Going to Beth Israel in Boston, MA in the morning. One valuable thing I learned about the doctors is that when you are sick with a persistent issue, it's good to stay seeing one doctor. When more than one doctor gets involved, then you might be getting mixed results. When you go to school, it is important to notify your primary doctor about where you are going and how you two can stay in touch. Luckily, I was able to get a quick appointment in Boston with my doctor.
  • Catching the Megabus from South Station back to Burlington. A lot of students that don't have cars use Megabus to get to Boston from Burlington because it is easy, reliable, and extremely cheap (only 13 dollars one way!).
  • Arriving at Royal Tyler Theatre at UVM and taking a cab back to Saint Mike's. My bus was at 3:30 and got to Royal Tyler Theatre at 7:00! 
Overall, leaving school in the middle of the week is exhausting, but it is possible since the bus tickets can be purchased the night before.

Hope you all have an awesome Super Bowl weekend! GO PATRIOTS!

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