Sunday, April 14, 2013

Update on Classes

After spending almost all semester working on a website (works best to view in Internet Explorer) for Global Communications, I'm glad to say that it is finally complete and it is live on the Internet! Despite the amount of time it took to research and put together the website, it was still a fun and interesting project since I was able to analyze how much access other countries have to media.

For prospective MJD students, you'll find yourself working in Adobe programs such as Flash, Dreamweaver (used to create websites), Photoshop, and Illustrator, and reading intriguing articles related to media. Below, I've posted some videos that we've watched in our Global Communications class so you can get a feel for the topics that we discuss.

And yes we even analyze the Gangnam Style music video..

So as you can tell, we discuss a wide range of topics and relate them to media. It's mostly a discussion based class with some reading and web design projects.

As for next year, I'll be taking two MJD classes, a Psychology class for my minor, and a Biology class to fulfill my scientific requirement. Check out my schedule below!

Monday, Wednesday, Friday
9:45-10:50 Microbes and Human Health
Tuesday, Thursday
8:00-9:35 Magazine Writing
1:15-2:50 Digital TV/Film
3:00-4:35 Sports Psychology 

I hope all those accepted students yesterday had a great visit at Saint Mike's! If anyone has more questions, e-mail or tweet them away :)

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