Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Announcements Regarding Formspring and Knight Chats

As some of you may have already heard, Formspring is shutting down at the end of March. Before it shuts down, I'm posting previous questions that I've answered below.

Would this be a good school to go to if you want to be a teaching and play soccer?
Hey! The education program at Saint Mike's has three options in what you can specifically major in: Art Education (grades Pk-6, 7-12, Pk-12), Elementary Education (grades Pk-6), and Secondary Education (grades 7-12). From what I've heard, the program is hands on and beneficial, even as a first year. Also, the program has some special benefits including a possible 9th semester, where students can engage in student teaching after their four years are completed, and there is an Education study abroad opportunity in Bath, England. To find out more about both of those opportunities, here's the link:
As for soccer, I highly encourage you to check out the SMC Athletics page to click on Varsity sports to find out information about the soccer team ranging from statistics to the roster. Also, the Varsity coach has contact information on the web page so contact him for more details about trying out :) 

How many psych classes have you taken at smcvt so far? Did you sit in on a class or talk to a current psych major or prof before deciding on smcvt?Do you have a track? Sorry for all the questions, just got accepted and want to be really thorough lol! 
I took General Psych for my first semester, and I was unable to get into a psych class for my next semester. I was freaking out a bit that it would affect my overall major schedule, but it turns out that it's common to not have a psych for the spring semester. My advisor told me that if I were to get into a psych class spring semester, that I would actually be ahead in the program. I was aiming to get into Research Methods I, but my advisor told me students usually take that sophomore year so they can take Research Methods I fall semester and Research Methods II spring semester.
As for how I decided on SMC, I went on a tour at first to see the campus. I immediately felt like I could see myself going here, so I applied and continued to research the school more. After finding out that I was accepted, I was soon invited to an Accepted Students Day. The schedule involved breakfast, a tour, a panel with current students, and an opportunity to meet professors in your potential major. Susan Kuntz, a faculty member of the Psych department, was informing us about the major requirements, minor requirements, and the rest of the faculty. Right away, I was impressed with how in depth the courses appeared to be, and also how willing Kuntz was to answer any questions. She seemed passionate about teaching students. Compared to other schools I got accepted to, the course selection was the most thorough. With the course selection, I was also given more of a chance to test out other options in the Psych field such as clinical, social, physiological, developmental, and cognitive to see where I really wanted to go with my degree. As of right now, I'm interested in going on the track of doing something with clinical/social psychology so I'm planning to take courses such as Abnormal Psychology, Sports Psychology, and Social Psychology.
I also was a very active reader of the student blogs when I was looking into Saint Mike's. I read Alex's blog, and noticed that she was a Psych major. It was ironic because at the time, I was deciding between Assumption College and Saint Michael's, the same two schools Alex was stuck between also. I asked her questions about the differences between the colleges and the programs. She did an awesome job at helping me gain a better insight on everything.
Congratulations on your acceptance and feel free to ask questions if you have any more!

If I'm not Catholic (or even, say, agnostic) would I still be okay at St. Mike's?
 Coming into Saint Mike's, I had the same concern you had especially since I had the same religious background. The only religious requirements you have to fulfill are a 100 level religion course, a 100 philosophy course, and your choice at a 200 level in either religion and philosophy. Other than that, religion isn't something that is forced at all. Mass isn't required, so it's not something that would make you feel left out if you didn't attend it. Personally, I've found myself fitting in really well here due to other activities and interests. I hope that answers your questions and if you have any more feel free to ask! :)

It’s a sad, sad thing that Formspring is shutting down, but no worries because you can still e-mail me at and ask any questions you may have! Also, there’s a student Knightchat from 7:30-9:00PM this Thursday. Join by clicking on the link provided to talk some current students, including me!

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