Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Deadlines and Knightchats!

Hey guys!

Just a reminder that the Early Action deadline to apply is just a week away now! (November 1st). I found applying early to all my schools beneficial for two main reasons:
  • Although I had to work on my application throughout the summer, it was a relief going into my senior year knowing that all I had left to do was fill out the CommonApp. The CommonApp was a faster, easier way to apply to multiple schools at once.
  • Early Action gave me more time to weigh my options. I found out whether or not I got into my schools around December, which was a time that some people were just starting to apply. It gave me all the way until May to decide where I wanted to go. 
All application dates are:
Early Action I: November 1st
When to Expect Decision: December 16th

Early Action II: December 1st
When to Expect Decision: January 27, 2012

Regular Decision: February 1, 2012
When to Expect Decision: March 16, 2012

Transfer Applications for Fall 2012: February 15, 2012

 Also, parents, check out our next Knightchat on Thursday from 7:30-9pm. I'll be participating in it, along with other bloggers, Alexandra, Alex, Beth, and Sam.
To sign up for the Knightchat on Thursday or any other future student Knightchats, click here!

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