Sunday, December 2, 2012

When You Don't Ski or Snowboard in VT

Going to school in Vermont brings up the question: Do you ski or snowboard? Well, fun facts about myself: I'm from New England, I hate the cold, and I don't ski or snowboard. "Wait, you go to school in Vermont and you don't ski/snowboard?" is often the response I get. Yes, it is possible to avoid hitting the slopes in the winter time if it's not your thing. There are still other fun things to do on the weekend around campus and the Burlington area.

Around Campus
  • Watch movies: After a long week of classes, it's great to relax and watch movies with friends. If you brought movies that you've already seen multiple times and you want something new, check out the wide selection of DVDs at the library.
  • Watch SMC sports games. Basketball games are very popular to go to around campus. Also, our hockey games are at an off campus rink, but people still go a lot to cheer on our team.
  • Go on a Wilderness trip. The Wilderness Program offers trips throughout the year at a very low cost. During the winter time, you learn how to snowshoe or alpine climb through the trips that they provide. 
  • Attend other on campus events: There is an e-mail that is sent out that explains all the weekend events. Last Friday, there was Jibfest, which is where the Ski and Snowboard Club build a ramp in the 300s field and skiiers and snowboarders compete to show off their skills.
 Next Saturday, John Hodgman (the Mac/PC guy) is coming to SMC as our Fall comedian. There are also many other things highlighted in the e-mail like events that RAs put on and events in Burlington. 

Around Burlington
  • Head over to Church Street: Church Street is perfect for shopping, dining, and seeing a movie (as you can tell, I love movies.) 
  • Go Ice Skating. The rink in South Burlington occasionally has a free skate. Last year, I went with my friends and even though I'm a pretty terrible ice skater, it was still fun!
Ice skating action shot
  •  Go to Higher Ground. Higher Ground is a music and comedy venue about 10-15 minutes away from campus. Artists like All American Rejects, Mumford and Sons, Macklemore, and Switchfoot have came to HG.
  • Go to Flynn Center. SMC has a cultural pass for students that allows them to attend performances at the Flynn.
Even though I'm not a skiier or snowboarder, I still buy a Smuggler's Notch Pass for $30 each year just in case my mind might change.

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