Sunday, November 18, 2012

Recent Events

Things have been pretty hectic between doing homework, planning for study abroad (hopefully Ireland!), and packing to go home for Thanksgiving break. Here are some things I've done recently when I've had the time to chill:

Pizza Putt! I wrote a blog post about how awesome Pizza Putt is. It's always a great time to embrace your inner child and play laser tag, arcade games, and mini golf. Not to mention that SMC hosts a night where you pay 5 dollars for 20 game credits, unlimited mini golf laser tag, and pizza.

Brendan and Jeremy playing games (photo cred: Lauren Loy)
Internship Meeting! It's never too early to start thinking about non-academic or academic internships. Last Tuesday, I attended an information session that provided details about specific internships. I learned a little bit more about how academic internships work and how you need to set them up with Career Development prior to beginning your internship. What was great about the session was that Career Development gave us links to reliable job sites and tips on how to go about applying for certain jobs.

Alliot Thanksgiving!!! Sooo I actually didn't attend Alliot Thanksgiving this year, which yes, was extremely sad, but instead, I got to spend a lovely time with my mom who came up to visit. Alliot Thanksgiving is one of the biggest events of the year though. It kind of reminds me of Black Friday because there's a long line outside of the dining hall as everyone is waiting to get served great food (instead of getting discounts off of items.)

Mother/Daughter bonding time! My mom spontaneously visited last Wednesday which was great! I haven't seen her since the October break, so it was good to see her again. It made me really look forward to go home for Thanksgiving break!

Pitch Perfect! It's been a while since I've been to the Roxy theater to go see a movie. Alex and I decided to go see Pitch Perfect last night and it was hilarious! I totally recommend going to see it. Without giving too too much away, below is a clip from the movie.
Hiking Mount Philo! To switch up my Sunday routine a little bit, I went on a hike to Mount Philo with a couple of my friends. 
View at the top of the mountain!
That about wraps up my week of fun filled events. Hope everyone has a good Thanksgiving!

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