Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Getting reiki done
Finals week. It's a week full of stress because all of the studying to do, a week full of anticipating when finals will end, and a week full of excitement because once it's all over, we get to be home for a month to get a break from schoolwork.  Here are some of the things I've been doing to help me through this week:
Free Massages at Stress Free Knight
At Stress Free Knight, there were the options to get free massages, henna, and reiki to relieve some stress from studying.
Initiating study groups
It's always good to start a study group with people in your class, especially if you aren't understanding the material that well.  That way, people in the group can help you better understand it, and vice versa.

I'm not crazy about making notecards, but I've recently learned that making notecards works best for memorizing vocab.  I used some for my midterms and I plan to for my finals too.
Alliot food breaks
You can't study forever in the library or in your dorm room. Study breaks are definitely needed, so it's good to head over to the dining hall, Alliot, to get dinner and some snacks to help keep you getting through the day.
Library sessions
When I need to study or get any work done, I go to the cubicles (picture of one above) that are in the basement in the library. 
Staying away from Facebook

This last one is hard because it's tempting to go on Facebook to talk to people or to use it as a distraction from studying.  I struggle with doing this myself, but I've been trying to get a little bit better with it since I have two of my hardest finals on Thursday.

Any questions about finals week or anything else? tweet or formspring me!

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