Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Pizza Putt

So, I'm writing this blog post from my comfy bed since yesterday was the start of Thanksgiving break! It feels good to be back home to see my friends and family. Also, as much as I love school so far, the break is very much needed since the coursework started to pick up quite a bit during the last two weeks before break. Instead of stressing out about all of the work, my friends and I took a different approach and decided to have some fun at Pizza Putt, which is about a ten minute walk from campus. I had so much fun at Pizza Putt that I figured it deserved its very own post about it.

I was first introduced to Pizza Putt when I came up last Spring to stay with my friend's sister who is currently a senior now at Saint Mike's. Pizza Putt was having a special discounted night for students, so we all went there to jump on the opportunity. Pizza Putt definitely has pizza and it has mini golf, but it also has bowling, laser tag, arcade games, bumper cars, and batting cages! Check out some pictures below!
Bumpin' cars

The bowling alley

Part of the arcade area.
Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

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