Wednesday, September 28, 2011

SMC's Radio Show: The Morning Mike

Saint Mike's has its own personal radio station, WWPV 88.7 The Mike. The station plays a variety of music and also has a variety of hosts. Each time slot available opens up the opportunity for students to host their own radio show. All you have to do is shoot a quick e-mail to the people in charge of the station (Tip: do it as soon as possible since the slots fill up quick!) The cool thing about the radio show is that you don't need any experience at all, so that's what got my friends and I interested in doing it. We ended up getting the 8am to 10am time slot on Sunday, so that's why we named our show The Morning Mike. Our first show was last Sunday. To get a better understanding of what a first show is like, or what it was like, you can hear all about it from myself, Brendan, and Tan Wai (my two co-hosts).

Tan Wai Hui
Why did you want to do the radio show ? "I originally did it to help out Brendan since he wanted to do it the most out of all of us, but then I started to have more of a personal interest after. I thought it would be a lot of fun.
What did you think of the first show? "It was our first time on air, so I didn't expect to the be the best at it right away. We struggled with the talking part of it since we were kind of nervous and didn't know what to talk about. Otherwise, we played great music, and had a good time.

Brendan Oates
Why did you want to do the radio show? "I thought of it as a different kind of activity for me, which made me jump at the opportunity. Also, my sister did it at her college and she loved it. I figured I would like it just as much as her. 
What did you think of the first show? "We had some trouble adjusting to it at first since we were new to it. We made a few mistakes, but managed to still have a fun time!
 and myself...
Lauren Mazzoleni
Why did I want to do the radio show? I wanted to do to the radio show because I thought it would be a good way of expressing my interest of music. I could show people some of my favorite bands that aren't normally shown on radio stations.  Also, I thought it would be cool activity for me, Tan Wai, and Brendan all to do together. 
What did I think of the first radio show? The first show was exactly what a first show normally is like. I expected to mess up, since we are just new at it. It was cool because none of us were frustrated when we made a small error, but rather laughed at it and knew that we could easily redeem ourselves the next time. 

You can check out WWPV's website just by clicking on the link to stream any shows and look up the playlists.

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