Sunday, September 11, 2011

Dancin', Chillin', and Grillin'

After a long Friday night spent in Burlington shopping at the mall for the highlighter dance, shopping just to shop, and eating out at RiRa Irish Pub (a restaurant that takes knight cards), I was so tired. I was well-aware that I needed to have a lot of energy for the highlighter dance on Saturday. I took advantage of the weekends and slept until ten on Saturday, which felt awesome since four days a week I have to wake up at seven-thirty.
The Welcome Back Bash didn't start until three in the afternoon, so I chilled outside on the quad on a beautiful day with my friends. My friends and I started heading over to the bash around 5 to get some dinner. I didn't expect so much food from burgers to brownies to watermelon, it was a tasty feast. After stacking up my plate, we all just laid out on the 300s fields while listening to a student band playing.
I didn't know what to expect with the highlighter dance when I first heard about it, but it turned out to be a real good time. Basically, my clean white t-shirt turned into a piece of art due to my friends drawing all over me with a highlighter. Here are some pictures from the night!

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