Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The Orientation Leader Experience

Before orientation week actually begins, the orientation leaders do a lot of preparation for the week. We send out handwritten letters to each person in our group and tell them about ourselves, how great orientation week is, and what group number they'll be in. The letters are essentially the first impression that incoming students get. It was important to not only add in the necessary details, but also add in my own personality so my group members would get an understanding about who I am.
Along with writing letters, we also come to campus a couple days before orientation week to prepare more for the week.

As mentioned in my previous post, this year was my first time being an orientation leader. Orientation week really helped me feel comfortable and feel a part of the SMC community right away, so I wanted to make sure my orientation group was able to experience the week the way I did. Fortunately, I had an amazing orientation partner (shoutout to Richie Bernache!) who was always on the same page as me. And even better, we had an awesome group of first-years. Throughout the week, our group got to learn more about each other through some ice breakers (gotta love the question ball). We also had a ton of fun with participating in the Fall Olympics (we won the Freeze Dance-off!) or visiting North Campus and playing some intense games of Catchphrase.

Richie and I!
All the orientation leaders!
Orientation week was a perfect start to my junior year and I'm looking forward how the rest of the year goes. Feel free to e-mail or Formspring me if you have any questions!

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